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‘Quirky Songs in a Narrative Style’

Facebook Friends
– 14 + 1 hidden track recorded live.  Here is a sample of the tracks.

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Facebook Friends is the third CD to be released by Edward Nass. So what makes this one different?

The Recording –
Edward has chosen to go for a live sound with a full band in the recording studio Audiolab 21, which is based in Pearcedale, Victoria.

Bill Irvin has a wealth of history and experience in the music industry and his production on this shines through.

The Songs –
Edward’s songs are about his experiences, dreams and fantasies although they may not be true!

Song writers take artistic license when writing and Edward is no different. He doesn’t take Viagra!
Facebook Friend’s songs all have a comical twist, after all music, like life, should be fun. If you don’t laugh at them you will at least say they are right.

The Musicians –
Indebted to Reid Stevens (bass & harmonies). We perform together as a duo –called Royalty.

Mark Lindsay for the frilly guitar bits and harmony too.
Tom Steele for drums and backing vocals on ‘Should I go’.
Jan Dandridge for vocals on ‘Working in the Home’ (a companion song to ‘Working in the Yard’)
Warren Murray for keyboard – a serendipitous addition.

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Doing Nothing – 13 original songs.  Recorded at verse24 studio in Pearcedale.

About the Songs :-

Monster Meeting – About the miners’ rebellion against the gold license increase in 1851 in Chewton, Victoria.
Losing You – This is a love song about the grief of losing someone close to you.
Doing Nothing – Looking towards the time I can retire.
Party Girl – Written after driving through Melbourne one Friday night and seeing lots of ladies dressed up and out on the town.
Go Bush – Inspired when camping at Nariel Creek the week before the festival.
Lester and Clyde – This song was written at a song writing workshop hosted by Badfolk. It’s a grasshopper and the ant theme about life.
Light of love – This is a love song. Dedicate it to the one you love.
A Trip Around the Sun – The idea came from a John Spillane song, it’s a song about the meaning of life. Almost like a Birthday song.
PMS Blues – After hearing the Dolly Parton song, I had to take up its challenge. So this is the male version and it is a love song and not about anyone I know!
Nut Brown Hair – When I was young I went out with a few different girls.
Daily Grind – Motivated by the Monash Freeway (It’s a car park) going to work.
Emotional Baggage – Some people are just happy complainers and don’t want to move their lives on.
Wandering – A country song written from a line that popped into my head. I liked the thought of dust on my shoes.

The Musicians who backed me  – Thank you very much. You made it come alive.

Edward Nass — Guitar & Vocals
Rachel  Mason — Backing Vocals
Jeff Koch — Bass
Pat Evans — Violin
Martin Osendarp — Harmonica
Max Amos — Mandolin
Andrew Backholer — Piano & Percussion

Recorded at Verse24 Studio Pearcedale with Andrew Backholer
All original songs Copyright © Edward Nass 2013—APRA Control
Memories and Other Tales  –  (14 Original Songs)

 60 plus years in the making, this CD is a culmination and presentation of stories which are important to me and to which, I think, every one can relate. They are about Family, Community, Thoughts, My Experiences and a little piece of History.
When I was young my cousin, Christine Woods and I were very close and a better person you could not find. She was taken by cancer far before her time.
Memories of You is an expression of my loss, but I think, no different to any one else in similar circumstances.  We cling to the memories. This CD is a dedication and celebration to not only her, but to others who have helped me on this musical journey.

Family songs are Ordinary Girl, about my Mum, a biography, ordinary people who do extra ordinary things in every day life.
8 Years
is about a nephew, written for him at his wedding.

Tributes to volunteers and community minded people are expressed in Meals on Wheels and Hearts of Gold.
Thoughts about life are expressed in Watching Clouds, Picking and Sitting on a Fence.
Experiences of life are reflected in Camping, Supermarket Blues and European Tour.
Patrobas, an historical song, was written for a competition about the winner of the 1915 Melbourne Cup.
Loose Change could be called The Buskers Lament and is self explanatory.
Robbers is about all those thieves who exist in the community.

Musicians who played are:

Edward Nass          Guitar, Vocals & Shakers
Christie Heart         Backing Vocals
Clem Sedgman       Didgeridoo
Alex Black             Violin
Harry Reiter           Bass
Jim Golding           Banjo
Martin Ozendarp    Harmonica
John Salter             Piano
Cover drawing by    Glo Edkins
Cover Design by    Christine Trimnell
Mixed and Mastered by Dave Miller
All songs by Edward Nass  © 2012  APRA Control 2012