As a  songwriter, my writing is based on inspiration which comes and goes.
Of late I have written a few songs which are a little more comedy based. I like humor in songs.

You can always tell a good song by :-
(1) feedback from audiences (try to get the genuine ones) and
(2) how much you enjoy performing them (see 1).

You can’t please all of the people all of the time. I wrote a song titled ‘Not Man Enough to Cry’. When I played it males hated it and females loved it? Go figure.
Another is The PMS Blues, written after hearing the female version by Dolly Parton. I thought that men needed a version and Dolly issues a challenge in the song. The song is not derogatory – it’s a love song, but people seem to focus on the negatives. It is now out on my new CD – Doing Nothing. (Go to the shop to Purchase)

Comments on my songwriting include :-

“You get the stories exactly right” – Brian Amos 98.1, Eastern FM.

LOVE the album. My favorite tracks are Monster Meeting and Lester and Clyde. They are all awesome but those 2 are my favs.
I really like the production and sonic quality of the album too. Not too overdone and well thought out.”
– Andrew Wigglesworth (Weeping Willows).

“The CD is important in the Folk Genre as it is a life journey” – Michael Crichton 3WBC 93.4 FM

Memories of You      Lyrics

There’s a memory before me and it’s printed on a card
A black and white photo of two children in the yard
They stand up straight and smile with a gleam in their eye
As if thinking of being pirates or pilots that could fly
A look of innocents so young and so carefree
And if you look closely it’s of you and of me

We grew up close together in those early years
Sharing, caring, playing and conquering our fears
We sailed our ships and rode horses in our childish games
Dreamed our dreams and watched clouds in those idyll days
We thought that we would be forever, and never, ever part
But children grow and times move, we have a change of heart

Memories of you will never leave my mind
They may grow dim and fade a little, over time
But there is always something to bring them out again
Like the photo or a song or the sound of falling rain

We went our separate ways and married and walked a different mile
Had our kids and raised them and met up once in a while
And that special bond that joined us could never be torn apart
The pleasure of sharing stories was a meeting of our hearts
We reveled in each others joys and suffered with the tears
Remembered the fun and laughter and all our childish fears

But now I’m lost in sadness these moments never shared again
For you’ve moved on to a different world one that’s free of pain
The illness that you had you never told till too late
But regrets that I hold do not harbor any hate
If I could change one thing in the past that I regret
Would be to make more memories to be sure I won’t forget

Chorus & tag last line

© Edward Nass 14/8/2004       In Memory of Christine Woods